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9 Sakkath Facts of Namma Raichur That Many of Us Don’t Know

Raichur is referred to as the cultural kaleidoscope of Karnataka. It has a rich history over the centuries and has been part of many empires such as Mayuras, Chalukyas, and the Vijayanagara Kings.

Stone Inscriptions, age-old relics, artifacts, ruins of the huge fort, and old temples can be found. The common languages spoken here are Kannada, Urdu, and Telugu.

Today, A district headquarter as well as a commercial, industrial and educational center. Famous for its production of rice, cotton, and oilseeds.

Here are 9 Sakkath facts of Namma Raichur that many of us don’t know

Hutti Gold Mines

hatti gold mines raichur
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India’s largest gold deposit in Karnataka after Kolar Gold Fields. Hutti Gold Mines Limited is the only company in India that produces gold by mining and processing the gold ore.

“Land between the Rivers”

tunga - raichur

Situated on the banks of two rivers. Towards the south, there is the Tungabhadra River and to the north is the Krishna River.

The Only Active Gold Mine is in Namma Raichur  

After the closure of Kolar Gold Fields in 2001, Hutti Gold Mine is India’s One and Only Active Gold Mining Site.

The Famous Raichur Fort

Raichur Fort

The Fort was constructed by Queen Rudrama Devi’s minister during the rule of the Vijayanagar Empire in 1294 AD.

One of the Largest Cotton Exporter in Karnataka.

raichur cotton

Cotton is exported all over India.

The Power House of Karnataka.

Raichur thermal plant

Raichur Thermal Power Stations account for 40% of total electricity generated in Karnataka. This district headquarter has got 2 Thermal Power Stations.

  1. ShaktiNagar Thermal Power Stations.
  2. Yermarus Thermal Power Stations.

These two power stations supplies electricity to major parts of Karnataka and other states.


vaggani mirchi
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The mouth watering Vaggani – Mirchi is famous. One must try it out if your heading to raichur.

Commercial Center on the Central Railways

raichur railways

Being the 4th busiest railway station in Karnataka, after Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna railway station, Yesvantpur, and Hubballi junction.

Raichur railway station can connect to almost all parts of India. There are trains from Raichur to Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Solapur, Pune, and even Delhi. Mumbai to Trivandrum, Mumbai to Kanyakumari via Raichur, and many more.

Sona Masoori Rice is very famous and exported worldwide.

sona masoori raichur
Source: Shiva Sai

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